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The Research and Development Company specialises in transforming ideas into prototypes, advancing them towards full production with cutting-edge research, ensuring clients lead in their sectors with innovative solutions.

RDC was borne from necessity and exists to make your ideas a reality

The genesis of the Research and Development Company was a blend of necessity and innovation. Faced with the challenge of creating a groundbreaking rock drilling technology, we assembled an engineering team to transform our vision into reality. Our journey from conceptual designs on paper to a fully tested prototype in our manufacturing facility marked a significant milestone. With the equipment now poised for mass production, we’re confident in its potential to revolutionise the mining industry globally. 


This journey illuminated the path for others harbouring innovative ideas but lacking the means to realise them. Having navigated the complexities of bringing a concept to life—and acquiring strategic partners along the way—we’ve evolved into a one-stop-shop for transforming ideas into prototypes through R&D and advanced manufacturing capabilities… for any industry


If you have an idea, we’re here to make it a reality.

How we help

The Research and Development Company (RDC) helps by spearheading innovation in product development and technological advancements. It takes ideas from inception to prototype, offering expertise in engineering and manufacturing to refine and prepare products for mass production. RDC’s role is crucial in turning visionary concepts into practical, market-ready solutions, thereby fostering growth, driving industry change and ensuring clients stay ahead of the curve in their respective fields.

The ideation phase is where creativity meets feasibility. We collaborate with clients to explore and refine their ideas, ensuring alignment with market needs and technical viability. This stage sets the foundation for innovation, leveraging our expertise to identify opportunities for breakthrough solutions in various industries.

In the design phase, our skilled engineers and designers translate ideas into actionable plans. Utilising the latest software and adhering to best practices, we develop detailed designs that balance functionality, cost-effectiveness, and manufacturability. This step transforms concepts into blueprints for success, ready for prototyping.


Prototyping is where concepts take physical form. Our state-of-the-art facilities allow for the rapid creation of prototypes, enabling thorough testing and refinement. This crucial phase validates the design, functionality, and market potential of the product, ensuring it meets the highest standards before mass production.

The final step is manufacturing, where we bring prototypes to life at scale. Leveraging advanced technologies and efficient processes, we ensure high-quality production with optimal cost efficiency. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that the final product not only meets but exceeds client and market expectations.

Industries we serve

We cater to a broad spectrum of industries, including mining, agriculture, industrial, defence, pharmaceutical, aerospace and food and beverage. Open to collaboration with any sector eager to innovate and develop next-gen solutions, we’re committed to expanding our reach and exploring potential new industries.



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Discover our portfolio of innovative solutions across various industries, showcasing our journey from ideation through to manufacturing, highlighting our commitment to excellence and transformative impact.

The Rock Drill Project: Innovating Underground Mining

Australian mining faced a challenge: Suboptimal vertical drilling with repurposed equipment. We saw an opportunity and designed a dedicated vertical drill, partnering with engineers to refine it into a tested prototype. Now, our innovative solution is ready to transform the industry, offering efficiency, durability and safety benefits for all.

Our leadership

Adrian Pope

Managing Director

Adrian Pope, serving as the Managing Director of Apeiron, has been pivotal in orchestrating the creation of a suite of companies, notably the Research and Development Company, which stands at the heart of his vision for meeting the evolving needs of an expanding client base.

Beginning in 1994 within the mining industry's underground maintenance, Pope's journey saw the establishment of Popeys Diesel Services against the backdrop of Australia's booming mining expansion. This initial step led to a conglomerate dedicated to solving industrial challenges, with the Research and Development Company becoming Apeiron's key engineering and manufacturing nucleus.

This strategic expansion enabled these companies to secure a global footprint across five continents, showcasing Pope's significant and diverse industry impact.

As someone passionate about problem-solving, I thrive on the challenges of machine breakdowns and complex situations, especially underground. There’s a unique satisfaction in finding solutions, moving obstacles out of the way and knowing you’ve made a real difference. 

But why stop at mining? My journey has led me to develop a comprehensive one-stop shop, designed to tackle any industrial challenge you face. With a seasoned team ready to address your needs, we’re here to be your problem-solving heroes. Let us take on your challenges and together, we’ll achieve great success.

Adrian Pope

Managing Director

Adrian Pope discussing a new prototype with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

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Apeiron is a dynamic company specialising in innovative manufacturing and engineering solutions, from concept to prototype, for various industries. With a focus on mining technology, we’re driving global change, offering comprehensive services to transform ideas into market-ready products.

Innovating Underground Mining

The challenge

For years, Australian mines have relied on horizontal drilling equipment repurposed for vertical drilling, leading to excessive wear and tear on machinery. This “improvised” approach resulted in costly repairs, downtime, and safety concerns. We recognised this challenge as an opportunity to innovate and bring a purpose-built solution to the market.

Our solution

Our vision was to develop a dedicated vertical drilling device that optimised performance and minimised equipment stress. We partnered with an experienced engineering firm to meticulously design the device, leveraging advanced physics principles to ensure its suitability for vertical operations. The resulting schematics and digital assets allowed for the creation of a functional prototype, meticulously crafted and tested to validate its efficiency and durability.

The result

Today, we stand at the cusp of introducing a game-changing innovation to the Australian mining industry. Our revolutionary vertical drilling device tackles the inherent limitations of repurposed horizontal drills, promising increased efficiency, reduced equipment wear, and enhanced safety. We are poised to unlock significant value for mining companies, operators, and stakeholders across the industry.